This we Believe.

We believe in Kindness.

In Compassion.


And Community.

We believe that our minds are magical.

But that our hearts are where are true power lies.

We believe that everyone should get comfortable naked.

And embrace your eccentricities.

We believe in making MISTAKES.

And that getting your face MUDDY and MESSY is part of the fun.

We believe in asking EMPOWERING questions.

And letting the unexpected answers appear.

We believe you should SHARE your Flare.

We believe that making people BETTER is the GREATEST

Good You Can Do.

(& the most ethical way to parlay your PURPOSE into

into a PROFITABLE business, too)

We believe that you should try to HUG a STRANGER everyday

& be the BEST part of someone’s day…..even if they’re a WORLD away.

We believe in cultivating CONFIDENCE through creativity, community, connection and curiosity.

We believe in inspired ideas.

But that execution is everything.

We believe that KINDNESS is CONTAGIOUS.


CONTRIBUTION over cash .

AND PASSION, and purpose over pure PROFIT.

We believe in giving back.

And paying it forward.

We believe that it’s NEVER too late to begin again.

We believe in ELIMINATING excuses.

That you’re ready right now.

And that the BEST is yet to come.

We believe in making NEW RULES.

In FREEDOM, fierce Focus, Fulfillment and FUN.

We believe in making GRATITUDE your GURU.

We believe that curiosity is sexy.

And that IMAGINATION, inspiration & INNOVATION are within us all.

We believe that sometimes you need to stop SEEKING.

And just sit still.

And that the true WISDOM often lies within.

We believe that you need a good STRATEGY to succeed.

But a better STORY that inspires you to START

We believe that alone we can change a neighborhood.

But TOGETHER….we can change the world.

We believe that EVERY blog, BRAND, and every BUSINESS needs a MANIFESTO……

And if you’re STILL reading this far….


We are MindfulMarketplace.com. Our mission is to empower 1 million new entrepreneurs to write books, build brands, create communities and tell stories that change the world. Teach what you know. Do what you love. Wake up the world with your work. Join us!


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