Save 20% on Jot Coffee

Save 20% on your first Jot coffee order, here.  People often ask me how I manage to stay so damn handsome, and so damn energetic, even though I never seem to sleep.  Okay, the truth is, no one ever asks me #1.  Which hurts my feelings.  I’d do it for you, and it would only take a second.  But I do get a lot of questions about my preternatural productivity, and my insane energy.  I credit both to drinking insane amounts of coffee.  My coffee of choice these days is JOT, which is super easy to prepare, really tasty and just the right amount of caffeine to keep my personality hovering between perfectly Zen, and Wolf Blitzer “BREAKING NOW.”

When you try JOT with our discount code, you’ll save 20% on your first order.

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