Need Help Creating a Lead Magnet? We'll Create a Great Giveaway to Build Your Blog, Brand and Business (in only 3 Days)

We will create a lead magnet for your business. This is ideal for anyone who wants to build an email list, or run a FB campaign, or convert “strangers” into subscribers and subscribers into sales. The first step in any lead nurturing or email marketing/relationship building process is giving something away of value, in return for an email address/and a name.

Lead magnets are a timeless technique for doing exactly that – and are proven to work in just about every niche, industry, market or vertical in the world. Whether they are framed as “whitepapers”, freebies, ebooks, checklists, a curated collection of your best thoughts or ideas, or simply a one page outline, a lead magnet is a great way to build “buzz” for your books, blog, brand and business….and cultivate a community of subscribers and clients for years to come.

You will have: a PDF lead magnet, giveaway or “ethical bribe” for growing your email list, cultivating clients and building your brand.

This is ideal for: First time authors, course creators, email marketers, FB advertisers, list builders, lead nurturers and growth hackers. Simply stated, the ideal ethical way of building a list is giving something away of value, in exchange for an email address.

We will help you: identify the ideal lead magnet or list building instrument to incorporate into a lead generation campaign – and then help you either 1. Create it from scratch or 2. Generate it from existing content you already have created. 3. Implement your new lead magnet into your existing email automation flow, or help you set up the right tools and tech for your brand, and business.

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