Discover Your TRUE Life Purpose (a Life Changing Workshop for Empaths, Healers, Spiritual Seekers and Enlightened Entrepreneurs)

NOTE:   We just completed a really fun, really insightful and inspiring week long workshop on finding authentic purpose…and doing meaningful work at any age.  It’s amazing to see so many people get really great A-ha moments, inspirational ideas and eureka insights into the things that have been holding them back….often for decades, prior to going through some of the exercises together.   (if you are a creative person who tends to procrastinate – I highly recommend the book – “The Art of War” by Steven Pressfield, as it’s really a great primer (and kick in the behind) when it comes to identifying the excuses so many of us make that keep us tethered to a small story than we’d like to live.

The CORE elements of the workshop though – are pasted in the sequence that they’re discussed, immediately below.  We keep these workshops small (25 people or less) – and if you’d like to join us for the next one (starts on June 4th) reply to this email and I’ll send you the early registration link, and the private community forum.

We run one of these workshops every month – with a new cohort – within our community – to ensure that our students and subscribers get the best possible experience.

A short exercise you may want to try?  See if you can identify the karmic “blocks” that keep you from living the life that you may have once envisioned – and then work through the steps below to get back into frictionless flow, effortless action and expressing your unique gifts in the service of a better world for all.  If you’re interested in learning more about the exercise, read the short overview below.


Your Personal Role in the Evolution of the Universe


An action that binds you to an outcome


Frictionless flow, effortless action.  An activity or action that emanates from a space of ease or elegance.  Feels natural for you – but may be challenging for another.
4. When you are living your DHARMA (your unique role in the evolution of the universe) your activity (action) is KRIYA

5. When you are NOT living your DHARMA (A-dharma or not dharma) your are NOT living from a space of effortless action, frictionless flow or elegance and ease.

Instead, you are repeating the habit patterns of KARMA, actions that bind you to an outcome.  These are often the habit patterns of our lives – the automaticity actions and activities that shrink our story, and build boundaries and borders around our ability to grow and evolve.

6. Karma is living from a space of “the ever repeating known”

It doesn’t feel effortless and frictionless – but it may feel safe, comfortable and non threatening.  It may feel like a job that pays the bills, a relationship that is “okay enough” to endure, a neighborhood that feels safe enough to stay in, etc.

7. Karma compounds and calcifies

The more you choose actions and activities that are NOT in alignment with your natural gifts, your special talents, your unique ability to live in the service of a more harmonious and benevolent universe (where your activity is Kriya, spontaneous right action) the more narrow your options become over time.

8. Mindfulness is about being aware when you are in each state

When you are mindful, you are aware that spontaneous right action, frictionless flow in the service of a more peaceful universe – can arise in any circumstance.  It  naturally shows up in the service of living from a place of Dharma (and a commitment to using your unique gifts to improve the universe, moment by moment)

When you are mindful that you are living in the “KARMA” zone, you realize that your choices have built a box, a boundary, a curb, a ceiling or a container around your ability to live with the utmost ease, effortlessness, and equanimity, in the circumstances that matter most.

9. What does the Universe Want to Do Through You?

In a perfect world, how would an intelligent, benevolent and purposeful universe express itself through YOU?  What are you uniquely suited to do, that others you know are not?

(remember, this changes moment to moment…..and if true mindfulness is applied to this process, you’ll realize that every moment is a chance to be “born again” into a new opportunity to provide your own purpose, presence, power and peace to those in your orbit.

Based on the very best version of yourself, and the highest use of your own gifts, what would this universe, if it could speak to all of us, want to express, through this lifetime – through your unique body/mind?  (you don’t have to believe in anything “new age” to ponder this question – you simply need to recognize that each of us has unique signature or “fingerprint” of gifts, skills and talents, whether by dint of divine providence or DNA and dumb luck, that are more useful in improving the world, than the next person.

10. Set a Mindfulness “Alarm” and keep returning to the open question

Is this action in the service of my Dharma?  Is this activity effortless, easy, elegant, engaged and in the spirit of service?  (or am I living from a place of always going back to the ever repeating known….the same choices that shrink my story)

It’s The small sense of self that keeps boxing ourselves in, calcifying our feet in karmic concrete that will make extricating ourselves tomorrow….that much harder, the squeeze of mediocrity that much tighter around our spirit – and ultimately, ebbing away all sense of passion, purpose and excitement about our unique place on this planet.

11.  You don’t permission and there is never a “perfect” time

Just begin.  Start now.  Trust.  Be willing to get muddy, and make mistakes.  Have faith that you are in the right place, right now to wake up, show up and share your story, your gifts, your scars and light a lamp for those who need you most.

Teach what you know.  Do what you love.  Wake up the world with your work.


PS – If you are truly ready to step up and serve – to do meaningful, magical and impactful work in the world without gurus and gimmicks – and join a creative community of enlightened entrepreneurs on a mission to make a difference, we’d love to have you join our tribe of inspirational authors, transformational teachers, business bodhisattva’s, heroic healers, spiritual seekers and enlightened entrepreneurs.  Our 90 day “enlightened entrepreneur” community cohort has 4 spots remaining – and I 100% guarantee you’ll have a complete business built in only 90 days – with your own clients, subscribers, fans, followers and cash flow, regardless of where you are right now.   Email me ( to schedule a time to discuss by phone – or to learn more 🙂

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