Ghost Vs WordPress? 5 Reasons You Want to Build Your Next Blog, Brand and Business on the Ghost Publishing Platform

(note – this was excerpted from a short webinar on picking the right blog platform for running a profitable publication in 2021. Some typos or odd grammatical eccentricities are sure to follow 🙂

Five reasons why you’d want to choose most over WordPress to build your blood brand and business in 2021.

So number one, they make memberships really, really easy. So if you are selling restricted content or protecting your content, for subscribers or members only most makes this so easy. By default, it’s actually baked into the bones of your blog.

So there are no plug ins required, no integrations.

It is really as easy as going into the labs section and simply toggling on members. And immediately you’ll have a member’s enabled, platform that you can charge money to access

Number two. It’s equally as easy to launch a newsletter using Ghost.

By default, you can actually have your content e mailed out via a newsletter to your subscribers, to your audience, to your readers.

This is just another great way of engaging your audience once the, sign up for your site without any other integrations without plug ins without any configuration. It just works by default. (And by design)

Number 3.

Ghost has a really, unique and eclectic selection of premium themes. Now they don’t have the quantity of themes that are available on some of the other blogging platforms, like WordPress or Squarespace, or that sort of a site. But the themes that are available via something like theme forest or even the Ghost marketplace The marketplace like theme force or, um
uh, even in the marketplace that’s associated with Ghost Ghost, uh, ghosts own marketplace, which does have some carryover or crossover themes that are also available on some of these other marketplace platforms.

But some of these themes that I’ve used are so beautiful and so, uh, properly thought out and constructed for a professional publication that you really can’t compare, uh, within my experience, WordPress and I love WordPress. I’ve used WordPress for hundreds of sites over the years, uh, but both just makes it so much easier than, uh, wordpress to design something that looks like a really highly refined, smooth and polished, uh, professional publications.

Okay, Number four, the
the post editing experience using ghost is so far superior to that of other platforms, certainly, uh, compared to WordPress and certainly in my view, compared to something like square space or even shop if I or anything similar to that. So the writing experience is beautiful, it’s easy. It’s it’s efficient. There is very little clutter. It’s aesthetically appealing. So you actually enjoy the process of creating content, adding links, Um, integrating all sorts of third party, Um, you know, apps and services, uh, into your post if that’s something that you’re doing. So if you’re curating content for an example, uh, ghost makes it really, really easy by dent of their bookmark, uh, feature to add these really rich cards from other external sources into your content. It’s really just a joy. Use is far, uh, more enjoyable to write content in Ghost certainly than it has been for me, anyway. In any other publishing platform.

Number five. And this is really important if you’re building a brand, publication or business publication that has more than yourself as an author.

Ghost makes it very, very easy to incorporate multi author uh, publishing on your platform. So, by virtue of being able to invite your audience, your your target market. You can very easily, ask your members or your professional peers to, create an account on your ghost, publication and write content.

This makes creating a multi offer blog on ghost really, incredibly easy for both you as the administrator or the owner of your brand, as well as for folks who you may wanna solicit to contribute content to your community.

This can also be extended in all sorts of cool and creative ways. If you’re somebody who wants to turn your community into, let’s say, a marketplace where your your your, uh, members or your, uh, contributors can actually add their own you know, uh, products, courses, uh, external content using, you know, tools like Gum Road or other integrated, uh, you know, platforms.

It’s really easy to allow your members. It’s it’s easy to incentivize. Let’s say your audience, the folks that you want to contribute content to your community, to to make it worth their while and WordPress for these other sorts of platforms really, uh, make exceptionally challenge.

So if you’re interested in a blog platform or branded blog platform publication that has 5, 10 or 15 other authors? Then there’s no question Ghost is a far superior option in 2021 for your blog, brand and business.

Some other little ideas that you may also want to consider if you’re, um, contemplating choosing between Ghost WordPress and any other, uh, alternative.

The integrations that are available, uh, for automation is using something like
happier or, uh, you know any other external platform. So if you wanna tie, let’s say you’re you want to build your mail chimp list or your review newsletter list or type form entries, or you want to integrate. You know, more advanced search functionality. There’s there’s so many great integrations that are built into ghost by default that make public extending your publishing platform much, much less tech, Uh, you know, challenging than using any other publishing platform again, at least that I know that I’ve had experience with. So these are all I just created a integration this morning with review with the review curated newsletter service that we, uh you know, we use in tandem with our ghost publication. So anyone who signs up for our ghost newsletter list gets immediately added to our, uh, curated newsletter, that newsletter that’s delivered to review. And this literally took me about 90 seconds to facilitate using something like WordPress.

It’s a much more challenging experience if you’re someone like me who’s not really that good with the tools and tack or plug ins and extensions that you need to kind of wrangle with to make all this work.

So there are lots of great reasons to pick Ghost, uh, for your brand new publication in 2021, but these are 5or 6 of the reasons that I think are most relevant to most of the folks who are interested in our content in our community.

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