The 5 Types of People To Surround Yourself With

This may be a bit of an idea that’s jumped the shark (now that we’re all living in perpetual pajamas and staring at our cats 🙂 but this really resonates with me from both a sanity check… well as an entrepreneurial standpoint. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, who encourage you, who challenge you, […]

Unstuck Yourself

There is now a window where once there was only a wall. – Ben CervenySometimes we’re not stuck. We’re just not willing to look at the wide and wonderful new world that waits beyond the window. Don’t sell yourself short. It’s amazing how much you can do in a day. How much progress you can […]

How Can I Help?

How can i help?   Who can I serve?  Where can I stand up, show up, and support? I’ve been re-reading many of the late Ram Dass’s great quotes and stumbled on an old somewhat obscure book he co-wrote called “How Can I Help?” It’s a homage to the helpers.  The healers.  The heroes.  The ones […]


This we Believe. We believe in Kindness. In Compassion. Connection. And Community. We believe that our minds are magical. But that our hearts are where are true power lies. We believe that everyone should get comfortable naked. And embrace your eccentricities. We believe in making MISTAKES. And that getting your face MUDDY and MESSY is […]