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Thinking About MightyNetworks? 2 Counter Intuitive Reasons to Use the Circle App to Build Your Private Community Instead

Here is a short recording I made after a brief client consultation (by email) on why I dont’ really recommend Mighty Networks for a new community. (and why I prefer the Circle app for niche communities, course cohorts, podcasts and membership sites where content visibility and search engine discoverability is a “thing” (which it pretty […]

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3 Kajabi and Thinkific Online Course Alternatives You Probably Haven’t Considered (But are Great LMS Choices for 2021)

In this short video, we cover a few of our favorite online course options for 2021. Pathwright is a fantastic LMS for online schools. Arist is a unique, innovative and incredibly cool text (SMS) based course platform for just about every sort of content, cause or community you can imagine. (it’s very cool, and we’re […]

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Our Manifesto

This we Believe.   We believe in Kindness.In Compassion, connection & community. We believe that our minds are magical. But that our hearts are where our true power lies.  We believe in making MISTAKES.And that getting your face MUDDY and MESSY is part of the fun. We believe in asking EMPOWERING questions. And letting unexpected answers appear. We believe you […]

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