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How to Create an Online Course Without Video (My Favorite LMS Options for Online Teachers & Students Who Don’t Like Video Courses)

I’m not a fan of video courses. I don’t like watching them – nor creating them. I much prefer audio courses, podcast style courses, and micro/nano learning LMS options like Talentcards (which uses flash card based learning in an incredibly cool, creative and mobile/app based way) and Arist, which delivers text/SMS courses that are easy […]

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Circle App Examples

A few good reasons to use the Circle app to build your next course cohort, or niche community. We are using Circle on the private members only area of our community to deliver community cohorts, to augment and improve our courses. This provides a great opportunity for our members to interact with each other (and […]

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Use Talent Cards to Train Employees, Educate Customers, Share Policies and Procedures and Make Corporate Learning Fun Again :)

Talentcards is a ton of fun to use, and is my absolute favorite LMS. It’s ideal for corporate training, micro learning, (or nano learning as it’s often called) and can be used for everything from product knowledge, to employee and customer quizzes, compliance training, and helping to deliver company culture in a fun, colorful and […]

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Ghost Tutorials: How to Upload a Theme to Ghost

Ghost is a great way of building your blog, brand and business on a cutting edge piece of software….that just about anyone can use and understand. (nocode, or very little coding required, even to do some pretty elaborate customizations) If you’re hoping to save some money on Ghost hosting, we use and recommend MN for […]

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