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7Taps Review

7taps is a fun, affordable and incredibly easy way to create micro courses that convert like crazy. They are super easy to build, easy to launch and make teaching short courses fun, accessible and entertaining for your audience, clients and community. You can embed 7taps courses on any external platform as well – simply by […]

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How to Use Midjourney AI for Business (A Crash Course in Turning Your Midjourney Art into NFT’s you Can Sell)

Midjourney is a great tool for experimenting with AI art. It’s also a great way of starting an NFT business as an author, community leader or inspirational entrepreneur. (I’m certainly no artist…..but that hasn’t stopped me from creating some pretty cool NFT’s using a combination of Midjourney and some of the other tools mentioned in […]

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Shop 63 Pairs of Perfectly White Shoes That Will Go With Everything

Keytar pok pok hot chicken photo booth, subway tile intelligentsia sartorial tousled. Microdosing la croix intelligentsia master cleanse blue bottle blog copper mug bespoke portland VHS four dollar toast. Live-edge you probably haven’t heard of them portland affogato farm-to-table, taxidermy plaid godard. Four loko quinoa echo park tilde pickled palo santo tofu squid woke salvia […]

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