Instagram has officially entered the “link in bio” space. They’ve added their own version of Linktree to Insta profiles, enabling users to add 5 custom links to our profile pages (rather than needing to rely on a 3rd party application like Linktree, Bento, Beacons, etc)

The problem with this approach for users? When folks click on the 5 links now included with your bio – they stay within the the Instagram app ecosystem. (and need to actually use the browser to leave Instagram – and visit your site – on your own terms)

This is an incredible opportunity for folks who are using CARRD for linkinbio/linktree style profile pages. Carrd in particular – is ideal for those of us offering agency, web design or digital branding to our clients, and customers as well. (as CARRD allows you to publish your profile page – to your own domain, rather than something owned by a 3rd party software service – like Linktree, or Bento, etc)

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