I love this idea.

If you want to do great work……your obligation is actually pretty simple:

Just show up.

Do your part.

Allow yourself to be an instrument for the inspiration.

It doesn’t need to come from you.

It simply needs to flow to you…..and through you.

Your genius only asks that you open your mind and believe.

There are so many extraordinary people doing extraordinary things in the world……that if you let it, it can intimidate those of us who aren’t imbued with inspired ideas everyday.

It seem so easy to think that doing great things is beyond us.

That our grip and grasp isn’t strong enough to rise up…..and dance in the direction of our dreams.

I love Elizabeth Gilbert’s idea that true genius isn’t found within us – instead – it’s outside of us – around us – and our job, as artists, as authors and entrepreneurs is simply to just be there, and prepare for the muse, to appear.

To sit up and take notice that there is something electric in the air…to be present, available and willing to do your part.

If you have passion for your work…but feel perpetually stuck in a creative rut – or find yourself unable to find that elusive genius– it may be as simply as just showing up, and inviting the elf of inspiration to stop on your block and stay awhile.

I know that for me – my best work – my favorite ideas – .…are rarely found in those places and spaces I perpetually press, and prod and pray will produce something that makes me proud.

Instead – it’s merely being awake – and aware – and open – and receptive to the panapole of possibilities that fate may foist on my fragile frame.

Showing up, as they say – is much of the battle.

So when the creative well runs dry – and I’m out of ideas – and inspiration – I simply roll out of bed – open my eyes – invite the elf in, and begin again.

Teach what you know. Do what you love. Wake up the world with your work.

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