Hey all – Had a few really good conversations this week with folks who are using and building new AI tools for brands and agencies. While I’m certainly no expert in AI – the power these tools bring to content and education marketing strategies we’re covering here, are breathtaking (and super simple to implement)

Last week I shared the simple keyword research model I’ve been using (and teaching) for years. This is one area that tools like Chatgbt is immediately obvious for SEO, content marketing and creating online educational content that can transform your business, even if you hate to write/create or teach.

  1. Go to Answer the Public. Do the keyword research exercise I shared last week (tldr? 🙂 Simply add the keyword phrase(s) you are targeting for either SEO purposes – or for content that you’re going to use to create your own products/courses for your own niche, market, vertical, industry or local community.
  2. You’ll get a LONG list of keyword QUESTIONS that real people, are asking in the real world. These are PROBLEMS they are seeking help with to solve (or information they’re seeking to understand – both of which, are ideal for agencies, course creators, E-commerce products, and education marketing alike)
  3. Take the list of questions, and go to ChatGbt
  4. Let the AI answer the questions people are asking, for you.

The last step is the FIRST step.

What are you going to do next?

You can edit/modify and improve the AI generated text so that it’s more aligned with your own experience/expertise and authentic wisdom – and then turn that into a short Q and A course.

You can use that content and publish it on your blog, website or business brand. (note – I’ve been experimenting with this over the last week with long tail keywords and our Google traffic, across several domains, is rapidly increasing)

You can do this for CLIENTS, too – this gives you a super power – and a service you can offer to folks in your niche, industry or community – amplifying their own blog/business publishing efforts with keyword research + AI content that you edit and “write” for them for increased exposure/seo, etc.

Personally, I enjoy writing – love creating and teaching – and probably wouldn’t use AI content tools for my own courses or products. But there is no doubt, it’s a super power to have these sorts of tools available, and with the right strategy, they’re going to transform the way we work, and 10x our output, and impact in short order.

Lots more to come on this – I have a few folks in my immediate orbit who are creating super cool AI tools that I’ll be sharing here over the next few months – so stay tuned.

What can I help you with today? I’m recording audio answers to community questions today – feel free to post/share or send your most pressing problems or challenges, and I’m happy to record specific suggestions and strategies you can try and apply.


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