Note – this was part of the update for our Agency Accelerator 2023 private course community, which included the longer version of the video here! If you’d like to join us – either email me ( or check out the program, here!

I just recorded a new video for the group (and created a new mini course that’s been added to your collection) with a live example (from earlier today, the 27th of Jan) for using online tutorials/free courses and recorded content to quite literally, “dominate” the first page of Google for your target market.

This is the biggest reason I rely so much on recording courses/content everyday – and it’s a SEO superpower that will transform your brand, if you do the same thing. (it’s also the reason I keep encouraging everyone in our community to create content and courses for your OWN audience – to build your own agency – as once you start, you’ll see almost immediate results)

If you pair this approach with using Q and A content, it’s impossible not to get great results, especially for local agencies. (and remember, we will help you with keyword research for your niche, market, vertical or local community for FREE as a thank you for joining the Agency Accelerator 2023 collection)

Other things to share –

I updated the PDF collection of testimonial software recommendations, and recorded some answers to your questions about picking the right platform. (if you’re selling this as a service)

I redesigned several of our community wordpress websites this week – with a much more colorful, consistent creative feel that is a better fit for our growing collection of sites/services and 2023 brand. You can see an example in the video guide recorded today – would love your feedback! (I bought a handful of licenses of a super cool/colorful WP theme – and re-styled 3 sites in one caffeine fueled day – and have a VA doing 3 more next week with the same styling)

We’re publishing audio and video community NFT’s – which we’ll be giving away to everyone in our community, for free all through Feb. If you’d like to learn more about how we’re doing this (the tools/tech are largely free and a lot of fun to use) let me know and I’ll give you a heads up, before the official release next month) I know NFT’s are a tricky subject for some – but we’ll be using them in, what I hope is a pretty unique, innovative and exciting way, so stay tuned.

The new mini course title starts with “The #1 SEO tip.….” and is a single video walk through of real results that you can see for yourself, in a super competitive high interest niche. This will be MUCH easier for you, if you’re doing this to target a smaller niche, or local market

Teach what you know. Do what you love. Wake up the world with your work!

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