This is one of my favorite things to recommend folks who are just starting out with selling design, consulting or online marketing services.

Using education marketing, and a cool and unique “wall of love” style testimonial page, you can create 1 page websites that your clients will love.

it’s super easy to do, requires no more than an hour to set up for each client, and these sorts of landing pages are a fantastic, high end alternative to the “LinkTree” “” and “linkinbio” style services that are everywhere these days. (but are often, super limited in what they offer or allow you, or your clients to create)

This is one of those offers that literally, just about EVERYBODY can use – regardless of what audience you are targeting, or who your ideal client may be, the chances are, if they’re in business….they are getting reviewed. A landing page that showcases the enthusiastic endorsements of YOUR clients, CLIENTS is a simple service to sell – and one that you can launch today.

  1. Carrd
  2. Testimonials

= Easy peasy ETHICAL service that has real value to your clients and community.

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