Midjourney is a super fun way to create AI art. And while I’m still not 100% sure how much value midjourney art has on it’s own (art generated through text prompts) – there is as huge opportunity to use AI generated art to build your brand, and cultivate a community.

To my eye, the secret is to use the art to offer access, and experiences, and create collections that are gated or protected that have lots and lots of value on their own, and the art is simply the icing on the cake. (and a digital asset that your members can sell, trade or leverage in whatever way feels most suitable to them)

For example – creating a course community or a book publishing platform where each student – or author – gets ownership of a piece of the community through digital tokens. (that you can create on Midjourney is something we’re going in 2023, for our mindful marketplace course community – and a new book publishing platform called ” a tiny book about” – both of which, we’ll be experimenting with tokens, and collections, that were created through Midjourney.

Watch the video(s) on this page to learn a bit more – or simply visit our community to join us 🙂

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