First look: Lemonsqueezy for selling digital downloads, subscriptions, ebooks, courses and more.

Note! Lemonsqueezy has improved quite a bit since this first look way back when. It’s also important to consider that for 2023 (starting right about now, in late January) Gumroad has raised their fees to 10% for all creators – and with CC fees, you’ll be paying far more today (in 2023) than you would have just a month ago, in 2022, as a prolific creator.

Lemonsqueezy is a far better option, and I highly recommend giving them a really close look for selling digital products in 2023 and beyond.

Will be recording much more content on Lemonsqueezy for our private course community in 2023 (check that out here) – and will share more, here – on the blog as well!

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