The Psychiatrists Guide to Overcoming Social Anxiety: 21 Questions About Social Anxiety Answered in 21 minutes


NEW: The Psychiatrists Guide to Answering Your Social Anxiety Questions. Sick of reading half baked, poorly sourced, or silly suggestions for overcoming social anxiety? So were we! We are….and we sought out a world class, licensed NYC doctor and practicing Psychiatrist to help! Get real answers from a real doctor on some of the most common questions about social anxiety, panic attacks, alternative therapies, medication & treatment options, common social anxiety signs….and much more. Course opens on April 15th (coincidently…….tax day here in the US – a day that triggers much anxiety for many 😉 and if you sign up BEFORE launch day, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your own specific questions answered… the course content as well. 

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to us by email, visit us on FB (@themindfulmarket) or simply sign up for the course for FREE during pre-launch and have your own question(s) included in the course material. (And answered for free)

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