happiness is

Happiness Never Decreases From Being Shared


“Thousands of Candles can be lit from a single flame. And the life of the single candle, will not be shortened. Happiness, never decreases from being shared”

So many times we hoard and harbor our own happiness – guarding it and protecting it from the eyes of others, lest we lose what little bit of success – or momentum – we so desperately don’t want to lose. The secret of course, is this: You don’t lessen your light by giving it away. You magnify it. And multiply it. And what was once your light alone – is now bigger, bolder and bright enough to light a lamp that many others can now follow. It’s something I remind myself of everyday – so I don’t forget. (because our own insecurities and impulses and selfish intuitions can make it so easy to forget 🙂 “If you want to go fast – go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” #mindfulness

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