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Hey all – some very cool new tools – and free resources – well worth your attention if you’re building a digital media brand.

1. Static Pages Plugin. For digital agencies and brand builders. A great little plugin that allows you to upload html pages to a WordPress site in a very cool and creative way. This is ideal for creating high conversion landing pages or content for your community (or your clients) outside of WordPress – but making them magically appear anywhere within WP that you like. 
(we were trying to do this a few weeks ago for some of our affiliate products pages on mindful marketplace – see this example of an HTML landing page for Podia – we can now augment and optimize our affiliate promotions with HTML pages for affiliate campaigns for all partner products, rather than a traditional WC store.

See how we’ll be using it for Affiliate/partner pages, here.

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Check out the Static Pages plugin, here: https://designmodo.com/static-pages/

(and no…that’s not an affiliate link you suspicious subscriber – it’s shared with love 🙂

(PS – my favorite part of our Podia partner promotion page is the “You can go Wong” copy I just noticed – more evidence that I ought not be writing content at 2am after a bottle of wine and between fistfuls of Doritos, which clogs my spellcheck skills. Surfaced on Product Hunt – and sold by highly regarded Designmodo– I’m excited to both USE this plugin – as well as to advise clients on amping up their conversions as well. (ideal for books launches, courses, coaching, new services, etc)

2. INTRAVERT (https://intravert.co/) A really interesting way to offer ad space on your community. I’ve used these sorts of ad networks in the past (OIO ad publisher when it first came out back when George Washington was president – and OpenAds – which was a super fun and flexible way of selling/serving ads on high traffic content or community….but it’s been years since I’ve really explored other options.

This looks pretty slick – and is ideal for folks who have valuable online real estate to sell (directories, marketplaces, listing sites, portals, etc – but who don’t want to wrangle with the code. Also discovered this on PH – and while I haven’t used it yet (only announced today) what i’ve looked at thus far, looks like a good match for solving a monetization problem many face.

Check out Intravert (the ad network who feels the way I do about strangers) here: https://intravert.co/

(think of how many cool and creative ways you can add “overwhelming: value to your featured listings – when featured members get a super prominent sticky site wide banner for their brand or business)

3. You can now download all of the amazing PREMIUM themes from ThemeBeans” for free. Why? GoDaddy just purchased the entire shop. Thanks to the generosity of Rich Tabor (the owner of ThemeBeansall of the themes and it appears many of his plugins – and at least for right now – they’re all 100% free to download.

Download those here. https://themebeans.com/themes/

I’ve paid for, and used Rich’s themes on my own blogs for years – (and my Karmic Consulting business blog still runs his amazing “Ava” Woocommerce theme that I’m not doing any favors on my demo – it’s truly an amazingly innovative shop/store/marketplace theme when fully optimized.

If you’re building an agency where doing client work on WP is part of the plan (design, development, product launches or otherwise) I can’t think of a good reason NOT to download hundreds of dollars of free premium themes that people were paying for….as of last week 🙂 BTW – if you’re not paying attention, many small theme shops have been purchased for significant sums of money over the last 6 months or so – more evidence that if you build something small with persistence and passion – it’s always an asset – people will notice – and if you stick with it, there is almost always an exit strategy that makes it worthwhile.

4. Lots of new courses are coming! If you have clients who either 1. want to write books or 2. want to teach courses, 3. Get more traffic, make more money and sell more stuff – we’ve been hard at work coming up with a super simple system for quickly, easily and ethically creating content that will help you (or your clients) build buzz for their brands, blogs, books and businesses, easily and ethically – and without any of the “guru” gimmicks, goofiness & slimy silliness.

I’ll be making these courses available to you both as a customer (if you’d like to join us) or as an affiliate (if you’d like to make money promoting them as a partner) – and I’ll be announcing these over the next 4 or 5 days, as they land.

5. What would you most like to learn? What sort of content would your community benefit from most? Let me know! I’m happy to create custom learning modules for those of you with specific areas of interest, or community challenges – and we’ll publish them on our marketplace for all – or for your community exclusively. (we can give your audience exclusive access to content and courses JUST for you – essentially – a private platform on our platform – allowing you to position yourself as an expert or thought leader – while white labeling our courses/classes content for your own community)

Does that make sense? Who knows? I just re-read it and even I’m confused! 🙂 Email me once i’ve had some more coffee, and i’ll do a better job explaining.

Hope all is well – and do check out some of the resources above. If you’d like to work with me – or our team – feel free to respond to this and say hi! (please say more than hi – whenever I end an email with that invitation, invariably, I get lots of emails that just say “hi” 🙂

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