Competition is Over-Rated: Why Cooperation (And Collaboration) is the Better Way

๐Ÿ‘ช Competition is Over-Rated: Why Cooperation (And Collaboration) is the Better Way ๐Ÿ‘ช

If you want to do great things – you’re going to fall.

You’re going to fail.

Your foibles and frailties and finicky fragilities will be exposed to the world.

People will laugh. They’ll say “I told you so.”

They’ll tell you to shrink your story in the service of a more ordinary, and pedestrian path.

But don’t ever allow yourself to be dissuaded – discouraged – or disappointed by the cat calls – the ill concealed laughter – or the scoffing certainty from those that will celebrate your bumps and lumps and bruises – who don’t have the courage themselves – to get into the game.

If there is any one simple lesson that every one who aspires to do great things ought to understand – is that learning to RISE – after you’ve tripped and been kicked – is the sweetest skill of them all.

To my eye – courage – and self mastery – is measured not by proving anyone else wrong – or being more gifted or skilled at your craft than the rest of us – but rather, in simply deciding to show up – naked and afraid – to put yourself out there in the spirit of service – believing in something BIG – being bold and audacious – and truly prioritizing what your gifts – your grace – even your messy mistakes – can bring to the lives of others.

Shrinking your story in the service of smallness – and staying in the cheap seats simply because it’s comfortable and safe… no longer your armor – nor an option.

Competition is a myth. For most of us, the ONLY metric that matters is cooperation. And collaboration. How eagerly do you seek it? How aggressively do you pitch it? And how easy can you make it for peers to partner with your platform – and build “buzz” for your brand?

Here is a short video I recorded on incorporating OVERWHELMING (or irresistible) offers for digital media brands.

This is the absolute EASIEST way to grow your directory, authority site, local listings community, or digital media platform….insofar as everything you do is set up to offer SO MUCH value (by dint of comparison to what’s already being offered elsewhere) that your ideal audience, actually feels foolish, or feels a real sense of “missing out” if they say NO. There are many, many ways to do this successfully – but it always starts with identifying what your competition is doing – and rather than COMPETE with them – you COOPERATE (and collaborate) with them – use that as a baseline for creating something so innovative and exciting to your audience, that they choose YOUR platform, as the most exciting and value laden option.

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