We Can’t Afford to Wait


In advance of what I hope will be an exciting February together (and in commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr Day) – a quick throwback to one of our more popular FB posts from 2018.

The Fierce Urgency of Now (& the Magic of Mindfulness & Momentum)

What are you putting off? What dreams have you filed away, forgotten about or frozen for some other moment – some other time – or some other day ?

THIS is the moment. There is only one magical and mysterious NOW…….and THIS is only true thing any of us will ever know.

Seize it. Stamp it. Own it. And embrace it.

When you live from that space – life truly begins again.

There is no story to spin – no future to fabricate – no past to ponder – it’s only NOW – and it’s only here that the life you’ll love is found.

There is an “A-ha” awakening, and amazing URGENCY that comes with that recognition – it’s hard to describe – and easy to trivialize – but it’s far from trivial 🙂

It’s incredibly freeing when you realize – in this, long beautiful moment – i’m alive – I’m awake – and I’m fully complete – a broken body – a sapped soul – no matter how worn, weathered, withered or wanting – in this very moment – is indeed perfect, exactly as it is.

Get behind yourself, and push. And Join us in October for a new #mindfulness challenge, a brand new book and a cool, creative and colorful new online course community we know you’re going to love!

We are MindfulMarketPlace.Com – Our Mission is to inspire, & empower enlightened entrepreneurs to tell stories that change the world. Teach what you know. Do what you love. Wake up the world with your work. Join Us!

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