Should I Write a Book? Why Every Enlightened Entrepreneur Ought to Write a Book in 2019


Should I write a book for my business?  How long should it take to write a book to promote my brand?  And should I self publish……or seek out the help of a traditional publisher, editor or agent to help me get my words and wisdom out into the world?

Our new course will show you everything you need to know about getting published, getting purpose and getting paid from writing a short book, specifically if you’ve got an inspiring message to share with the world.

For some extra advice – check out Jeff Goins blog on advice for aspiring authors – and why he believes writing a book is the best investment you can make in your business.

I think everyone should write a book. Why? Because it’s hard and will humble you and is something worth doing.. Recently, I turned in my next book, thus beginning the editorial process. After spending hundreds of hours researching, conducting dozens of interviews, reading thirty-something books on the subject, and of course writing, it made me wonder if all this work is worth the cost.

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