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“…….Now – when you truly take some else’s perspective – you step inside their skin – peer out from behind their their eyes – and see the world as they see it – full on – flaws, foibles, frailties and all – you relinquish a little bit of the stickiness of self.

Try to see the whole scene – on the screen – and take multiple roles – without allowing yourself to get too stuck in any one view. Just watch the entirety of the play unfold – all actors on a stage. The more moments you spend in this expanded awareness – this bigger, more beautiful and blissful sense of self – the more freedom, fullness and fearlessness you will come to know”

What does mindfulness mean to you? What does a “mindful” life look like? Our new series #mindfulnessis…..captures the wide and wonderful ways mindfulness is practiced, and experienced by hundreds of our readers….around the web, and the world. Here is a short passage from our January 22nd podcast on exploring the edges of awareness.
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