It’s easier to act your way into a new way of thinking, than think your way into a new way of acting


A few days ago, we did a virtual team building exercise with a small group of partners, peers and ambassadors for our rapidly evolving online brand and business. We asked ourselves (and each other) – in a PERFECT world……where you show up and actually LIVE the legend you were born to build – what is the work the Universe wants to do THROUGH you?

“My Job is to Raise Human Consciousness”

What happens when you set BIG goals? Bold goals. Audacious, auspicious and OUTRAGEOUSLY optimistic goals? When you buy into the belief that your very life is meaningful, magical and infused with the passion and purpose to achieve extraordinary things?

“My goal is to be the best part of somebody’s day…..every day”

What happens when you seek opportunities to be kind? When you go out of your way to be compassionate AGAINST the expectation of others – even when it’s in direct opposition to how others act, or treat you – you STILL show up, with kindness and care – the same way, every day?

“My job is to cultivate curiosity – and connection – with everyone I see”

What if, instead of “not suffering fools” – you suffer fools – and find ways to connect, with curiosity and compassion – to every other human you see?

“Don’t be a magician. Be Magic.”

We spend so much time thinking about a better world…reading inspiring words, liking beautiful bumper sticker sentiments that give us a 20 second sugar high….and yet, so little effort in actually embodying the very ideals we silently seek.

Our goal for 2019 is to be MAGIC. To elevate, inspire, educate and entertain. To empower our growingi community of enlightened entrepreneurs and spiritual storytellers the service of something bigger, bolder, and more beautiful….than any of us could accomplish on our own.

Alone we can change a neighborhood. Together we can change the world.

Join us.

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