What is My Heart Doing?


What is my #Heart Doing?

How many of us live in our heads….thinking, preening, planning, scheming, spinning, and worrying……about imaginary fears & foibles that may never even arise, or appear in our lives?

These days, as we find ourselves more divided – more separated – more segmented – and more disconnected from ourselves…and each other, a mindfulness alarm that reminds us of what unites us – can be the first step in bringing healing, and hope – back to the places and spaces we occupy everyday.

One of the easiest ways I’ve found in my own life, to get out of my own way, is to set a “heart-full-ness” alarm. When I’m angry – or judgmental – or most often, trying to prove that i’m right about this or that – I’ll ask myself – “what is my heart doing?” Often, just asking the question, gets me back into my body….rather than staying stuck in my skull.

It’s a reminder, at least for me – that the power to wake up – to be powerful – and present – and awake and aware – starts with the honest (and authentic) awareness of what’s happening within YOU – before attacking everything that feels wrong with everyone else.

If you agree – I’d encourage you, when you find yourself losing a tad bit of control – when the world feels outrageous and unfair – when you see in others everything that’s wrong – and in yourself – only that which is right – ask yourself –

“What is my heart doing?”

It may sound sappy to some – but it’s magic for me

Our newest little side project is a brand new community of radicals, rebels and revolutionaries who care deeply about kindness – connection – and compassion.

It’s called 1 Giant Heart.

We’re not 100% what it’s going to be yet.

But we think, in light of the world we all wake up in every morning together….it’s something – whose time has come

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