Mindfulness Resources for Beginners


Growing in meditation

As my meditation practice grew, I noticed I was making better decisions. I felt more grounded. Some of my best ideas surface when I’m supposed to be transcending thought.

ABC Nightline anchor Dan Harris, author of the best seller “10% Happier”, wrote, “Meditation is just simple brain exercise. I exercise and this makes sense to me … Meditation is training yourself to see your own inner chaos so that it doesn’t own you.”

With few exceptions, I meditate daily after waking and before sleep. The more time spent meditating the better I am able to cope with the most challenging issues in life.

Claudia and I never married, but over the years, we worked together to raise and guide our daughter Abby. Today we are close friends, as are our spouses. Claudia’s husband and I have tag-teamed fathering Abby for 27 years. We often bring our families together for holidays. I am pretty darn sure that without meditation I’d never have developed the empathy, balance or humility necessary to help build a family out of a very difficult beginning.

Mindfulness Resources for Beginners


“10% Happier” by Dan Harris

  • How I tamed the voice in my head, reduced stress without losing my edge and found self-help that actually worked. A true story.
  • ABC News anchor Dan Harris was a huge meditation skeptic and this autobiographical account is a gripping and highly entertaining read of his journey toward meditation.

“The Miracle of Mindfulness” by Thich Nhat Hanh

  • An introduction to the practice of Meditation
  • Hanh is world renowned for creating simple, practical concepts we can apply to our daily lives. 

“Why can’t I meditate?” by Nigel Wellings

  • How to get your mindfulness practice on track
  • A guide to overcoming  the challenges with starting or maintaining a practice from a longtime mindfulness teacher.


10% Happier: Consistently promoting himself as a meditation skeptic, Dan Harris’ app is filled with guided meditations, interviews and courses and is an excellent follow on to his best selling books.

Headspace: Advertised as a gym membership for your brain, this app teaches all of the basics of meditation, offering a variety of programs and guided meditations from 2 minutes to an hour.


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