Mantra Meditation Made Easy (Mini Course Preview)


Note: This is part of our mantra meditation made REALLY easy course, available on our course community, here.

1. The most common type of mantra meditation in the West is called TM (Transcendental Meditation) Millions of people practice it, but it can be expensive to learn, and bundles some reputational baggage with the practice. (as the TM organization, while we love the practice, some people find the TM community somewhat offputting)

2. Try using a simple mantra like “So-Hum” or “I-AM” or “A-hum” or even something super basic like “IN-Out” and use the breath an anchor.

3. Once you get really comfortable with mantra practice, the outer edges or advanced practices can truly take you to a different level, and offer a glimpse of some of the “transcendent” states that TM, and other Vedic mantra techniques promise. Try to explore what’s inside the mantra, for example. Or try to locate just the vibration of the mantra, and “forget” the actual word itself. These types of practices can open into evolving experiences of beauty, bliss and deep relaxation that many other techniques take months, or even years to offer. (hence, why so many people, especially those who have tried other “mindfulness” types of practices, tend to gravitate to, and really love to use a mantra)

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