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10 Reasons We Teach Our Online Courses on Podia.Com


1. Podia costs less than it’s closest analogs.  (there are cheaper online options for courses, but none do what Podia does so well – for the same price.  See below)

2. Podia has built in memberships (like Patreon, only better)

3. Podia has awesome customer service that’s accessible, transparent and available

4. Great email marketing toolset, including drip emails, newsletters, automated email courses, and amazing integration (should you want it) with outside email marketing tools like Convertkit, or Mailchimp.

5. Amazingly easy landing pages with a fully featured editor for editing, creating and modifying course landing pages without touching a line of code.

6. Pre-launch pages for upcoming courses (collect names and email addresses BEFORE you launch to gauge interest)

7. Affiliate marketing is done beautifully, elegantly and uber easy! (now you can turn your clients, customers and students into incentivized evangelists by making them affiliates)

8. Sell digital products, too! (you can sell services, ebooks, single product downloads and more)

9. The absolute easiest drag and drop course creating tools on the market….bar none. (beautiful, easy to use and will dramatically expedite the process of creating your first (or next) course without struggling or fumbling around with outdated interfaces)

10. Bundle your products! (stack the value by putting your best products into great bundles that enhance the value and accelerate conversions. All the platforms do this — but I’ve found Podia’s the most intuitive and easy to use)

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