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Teach From the Scar. (Not The Wound)

One of the constant themes our clients share – often smart, inspirational and incredibly insightful leaders, authors and teachers – is that the mistakes they’ve made in the past are too raw and too REAL to write about it. We say – there is no better way to heal, or to help – than to share where you’ve been, to light a lamp and show us the WRONG way – where you’ve tripped – where you’ve slipped – and where you’ve gone wrong.

Here is something you won’t hear often in the online entrepreneurial space – but it’s 100 true.

Make your mess, your message.

Having worked with a ton of authors over the years who write from a perspective of pain – or having overcoming challenges in their lives – I think some of the wisest advice I’ve heard is……

“teach from the scar – not the wound. “

You heal yourself – by serving others.

This frees you up a bit to share (and teach) from a position of helping, and healing – rather from from the insecurity that can arise when we invite strangers (or even friends and family) into our inner experience. (And reveal things that may be still be tinged with shame or embarrassment.) If you think of yourself as a teacher – and your experiences as the crucible by which you’ve learned how to help or serve – there is no past that can’t be transformed into a powerful lesson for those who may need to hear it most.

If you are ready to write a book that changes the world – build a brand – create a community and begin to do the work that makes YOU come alive, we invite you to join us on a mission to educate, uplift and inspire the world with your work.

Join us – and begin the adventure of your lifetime below!…

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