The WorldFirst Curated Mindfulness Magazine


Hey Fam! Let’s Get VIRAL! After lots of hard work, on August 1st, we’ve just launched the worlds FIRST viral mindfulness magazine…..full of cool, creative and colorful CURATED links from around the web….and the world!

If you are looking to be inspired by the most exciting + innovative community leaders, mindful marketers, purpose driven professionals, growth hackers, inspirational architects, thought leaders, spiritual seekers and enlightened entrepreneurs…..our new magazine is for you!
Later this month….we’ll be rolling out a whole sexy suite of marketplace features, where you can get PUBLISHED + PAID for selling mindfulness based products, programs + services across our platform.

Coming later in Sept? Enlighten UP! A brand new mobile app and social community full of content, courses, challenges, contests, COACHING & connection – for anyone who wants to do GOOD, make MORE IMPACT and 10X your passion, purpose, PROFIT and peace!

If you are interested in mindfulness, marketing, magic, meaning and mojo….help us share our mission to empower, entertain and inspire millions of new people in 2018 and beyond! Alone we can change a neighborhood, but together we can change the world 🙂

Join us!

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