The 4 Step Exercise for Stepping Up, Standing Out + Getting Crystal Clear with Your Marketing (and unique mojo)


Are you writing a book?  Creating a course?  Building a business?  Want to step UP and stand out in the sordid sea of sameness where 99% of your competition swims?

Try this simple, 4 step exercise we call the “4 T’s”.

Filter everything you make, market, write or create through this process.

Start here:





What is the title of of your product, program, site, service, book or brand?

What TYPE is it?

Who is your TARGET?

What is the TRANSFORMATION your audience experiences by having been exposed or immersed in your experience or expertise?

Once you have that first piece down, add a DIFFERENTIATION layer, like so.

Unlike OTHER (products, programs, sites, services, books or brands)……OUR product does/is X.

Here is an example of how I used this process for a new book (and course) we are publishing in Sept.

  • 1 mindful minute is a meditation book that helps busy executives cultivate CALM, confidence,  purpose and PEACE  (this has a TITLE, a TYPE, a TARGET, and a TRANSFORMATION
  • unlike other mindfulness books, “1 Mindful Minute” has TEN 60 second meditation exercises that really work  (notice how easy it is to show your audience how you are UNLIKE other competing products, by simply pointing out something unique you have, that others don’t)

This exercise is super important.  When I skip it…’s usually at my own peril.  (and leads to very vague, unfocused and unclear content that rarely resonates and kills conversions)

Also note – this works wonderfully well for building niche communities, local directories and just about any other type of side hustle project, too.



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