Sharetribe or WordPress?


Thinking about building a peer to peer marketplace? How about a B2B ecommerce platform? Want to bring the “sharing economy” to your city, niche or industry? Sharetribe and WordPress both can do some amazing things, EVEN for those of us on a bootstrap budget.

ShareTribe Flex Review: Examples of Sites Running on Sharetribe Flex (beta)

ūüĒ• Try Sharetribe Free & launch your own peer to peer, B2B or sharing economy marketplace today! ūüĒ• Sharetribe Flex looks super cool – and deeply mysterious – as there is very little information available about how it will differ, or be an improvement tech wise – over the more well known Sharetribe GO product.

How I built the Airbnb of music studios in an evening (part 1 of the Studiotime story)

Want to know how to build, launch, and scale an online marketplace like Airbnb, Etsy, Uber, etc? In this video, Mike Williams shares his story on how he came up with the idea for Studiotime ( and built the MVP in an evening, launched on Product Hunt, and generated over 1M hits to the site.

Let’s take a quick look at some simple questions you ought to ask before launching your marketplace project to figure out whether Sharetribe, or WordPress is best for you.
What is your budget? This seems obvious‚Ķ..but many folks I speak to DON’T really have one before they launch.

Get serious, and get as close to the financial details as you can. It will make a difference on which platform is right for you. (WordPress marketplaces can be launched for about $100 with the right theme + plugin combination, whereas Sharetribe has a recurring monthly cost of about that, for the basic level)

How much tech support can you do yourself? (or do you have someone on your team who can handle tech for you) Both platforms are super easy to use and navigate, but WordPress (running something like Woocommerce + WC vendors or similar for marketplaces) is going to be a bit easier for the tech phobic founder to manage themselves, than Sharetribe.

How SERIOUS are you about your project? Are you building a small side hustle thing, or is this your BIG idea? Sharetribe is built to scale, and built for serious marketplaces who want to go, grow and develop into a REAL peer to peer community. That’s what they are built to do‚Ää-‚Ääand that’s what they do best.

WordPress marketplaces are really an extension of what is POSSIBLE with WordPress, and not natively what WP is designed for. That means, you’ll have imperfect plugins, themes, updates and marketplace UX for your members on most WP sites. Sharetribe, on the other hand, is carefully created for this exact use case, and features many world class examples of high level peer to peer, sharing economy style sites that show off it’s high level of functionality.

Note: You can also use Woocommerce “external product types” to set up a rough marketplace using WP for free. (all transactions though, are processed on your members own sites. You’d just be showing off their products and linking to them using this approach)

Also note! Sharetribe’s brand new, super sexy and deeply mysterious Sharetribe FLEX product is going to be released to the general public some time later in 2018. This looks completely killer, and will be a game changing piece of marketplace tech available to all‚Ķ..for a fraction of the cost you’d pay to custom develop your own. (Watch the video above for more)

Try Sharetribe FREE for 30 days, here!

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