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Two quick announcements:

If you’re looking to cultivate a community, build a brand or launch a new platform around a passion or purpose driven “sidehustle” we’d love to work with you in our new PLATFORM 10X beta launch program. Check out the video below (only for folks building communities on WordPress, something our nogginnerd agency brand helps with – or, reach out to schedule a call to join PLATFORM10X if you’re writing a book, building a blog, creating a course, or building a business around something you love!)

1. NEW VIDEO:   A step by step walkthrough of using coupons, urgency offers and time sensitive deals on your directory.  Adding “overwhelming” value is a core component of the “fully managed listing” ethos and approach.  If you want to turn your directory project into the firm foundation that launches your own digital media brand – being able to create irresistable offers that your audience simply can’t refuse – is is the absolute easiest way to start.    I recorded this video on August 14th – as many of you have asked about adding  deals and coupons to your listings.  Now you can see how I do it.

2.  On Friday, I’ll be launching a brand new (beta) program calledPLATFORM 10X.    This will be a 6 month “partnership” where I’ll work with a small group (about 10) of clients in a fully immersive, hands on way, completely individually (one on one) to build your brand, extend your influence, impact and income, in a fun, creative and collaborative way.  We’ll get on the phone together every week for 6 full months, create step by step strategies specific to your needs, goals, key results and objectives, and transform your “side hustle” project into something viable, valuable, profitable and fun.  Whatever you are doing now – I guarantee, you will literally 10X your Platform with me as your marketing + masterminding partner 🙂

I’m also going to do this in a completely unique crazy way – working largely on a performance based, honor system oriented, compensation model.   

I do very little exceptionally well in this world – but what I do best is help passionate people make more money, have more fun, and create content and communities that people really love.

So if you’d to work together – 1 on 1 – to build your business – on Friday, you’ll get the chance! 🙂

Feel free to send me an email beforehand for the details.    (I can only take 10 people max – simply because there is only 1 of me – and there are only so many hours in the week – but if you’d like to sign up before Friday – if it’s a good fit, I’m happy to have you & look forward to getting to work!

Thanks again – watch the new video here – and if you have any questions, feel free to respond to this, and ask!


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