Execute. Iterate. Optimize. (in that order)


Rule #1.  Don’t make perfection the enemy of achievement.  Don’t make an obsession with minutia, the super small details, the ever growing list of “must have before we launch” items, the reason you don’t (ever) launch anything at all.

We all do this to one degree or another.  (i’m raising my hand over here as well)  But the one interesting thing that differentiates REAL entrepreneurial instincts (and entrepreneurs) is a willingness to dive in and do the thing….with a need for speed.

It’s funny, one of the things I noticed talking to many people over the last few weeks, was how many of the folks I spoke to, I’ve spoken to before.  In conversations a year ago – or 9 months ago – or 4 months ago – the “launch” date was always in a month.  (or 2 months or 9 days after the beginning of the Wiccan Equinox or whatever arbitrary, yet important future date they had in mind way back then)  What’s incredible to me – almost inexplicable to me – is how many of those same people – when you fast forward the tape a whole bunch of days into the  future – have yet another “future date” in mind to launch.  (although I think it may be impossible to use the Wiccan Equinox twice in one year – I’m fairly sure one person did 🙂

This is not said to be judgemental.  It’s just true.  Just dive in and do the thing.  The odds are stacked against you already.  The longer you wait, the more air comes out of the enthusiasm, the energy and the authentic optimism you had when you thought up the idea so many days (or weeks…..or sadly, YEARS ago)

I have never, ever, seen someone who has waited……months, or years, to launch one of these projects – succeed.

Full stop.

It’s a mindset thing – not a marketing thing.  It’s a courage thing – not a content thing.  But it’s true, just about 100% of the time.

(i’m planning to make some exceptions)

One of the things you’ll hear about great origin stories – in just about EVERY niche – or area of expertise (from meditation teachers to great companies that launched on the back of a simple scribbled idea) is momentum.  Movement.  Courage.  And speed.  I spoke to a great meditation teacher a few months ago, who told me how he heard one man speak…….had an ephipany, quit his job the next day, moved to Los Angeles (and then to India) all because he KNEW, in his bones, he found the thing that he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

There are great stories of many current dot com oriented or “app” entrepreneurs who founded big companies who took a 2am idea, and flew to a strange city the next day…..simply to BE amongst the people that were the ideal audience, or core clients that this idea needed to thrive.

So execute on your idea.  It doesnt’ need the perfect font face to launch.  Minimum viable.  Maximum viable.  Start where you are.  Improve, optimize and iterate later 🙂

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