5 LMS Platforms Ideal for Teaching Spiritual Classes or Selling Inspirational Courses Online

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Thinking about teaching an online course?  Or maybe you’ve got a great idea for an inspirational ebook, or cultivating a community around your sense of passion, purpose and personal life experience?

Here is a simple truth that many of you already know:

There has never been a better time for passionate, purpose driven professionals to teach online. Picking the right online LMS or platform? That can vex and confuse even the wisest Yogi 🙂

Let’s take a quick look at some of the amazing, innovative options for teaching a course that matters. (and makes you some moolah as well)

  1. Podia.com. (it’s beautiful, affordable, elegant and easy to use)
  2. Teachable.com (the most popular online LMS for course delivery. It’s good — but not our favorite)
  3. Thinkific.com (very similar to Teachable, and very popular as well. Also good — but also not our top choice)
  4. Gumroad.com (inexpensive, easy to use, great for membership content, ebooks, downloads and physical products, too. A great option for bootstrap budgets, although not so good for video heavy courses)
  5. Mightynetworks.com (a great option for affordable brand building, online courses, online communities and a true immersive and interactive experience for your users. Highly recommended — and you can sign up for and run a Mightynetwork for free and get great value from the platform. Paid tiers are affordable and super cool)

Bottom line? All of the above are great. We use (and recommend) Podia and Mightynetworks for courses and community. Both are well worth the time to learn.

Check out all of our recommended online course platforms, LMS’s and E-commerce platforms for teaching what you know, doing what you love and waking up the world with your work!

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